Titanic director James Cameron’s much-hyped 3D extravaganza is here – and it’s awesome

As the booming Dolby surround sound boomed ‘Put on your 3D glasses now’ I have to admit I was very excited.

Not only has Avatar been described as the future of cinema, it’s a sci-fi blockbuster with big blue aliens called the Na’vi, flying dragon-type creatures, massive guns and a cross-species love story. What’s not to like?

The story is centered around wheelchair-bound ex marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), who agrees to step into his dead brother’s shoes on an expedition to Pandora, a faraway world that’s rich in Unobtanium deposits.

One problem. The Unobtanium sits under a Na’vi village.

On Pandora, Jake hooks up with Dr Grace Augustine (a chainsmoking Sigourney Weaver), a genius scientist who has created the Avatar programme. Basically, an Avatar is a specially grown body created from both Na’vi and human DNA. Jake and his mates have to ‘pilot’ these Avatars while they themselves are asleep in what look like techno coffins.

Jake’s job is to try and learn about the Na’vi, so he can convince them to move before any drilling begins.

But the big baddie in the movie – hard-as-nails Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang)- has other plans. He wants Jake to spy on his blue buddies, so his armed forces can discover the best way to blow them up.

Jake’s mission(s) run smoothly – until he meets Neytiri, a beautiful Na’vi girl. And falls in love…

I won’t tell you any more of the story, and to be honest, the story isn’t the reason this film is an eleven out of ten.

The 3D effects are simply breathtaking. It’s like the difference between black and white TV and colour TV.

Until you’ve seen it, it’s impossible to describe. The lush flora and fauna of Pandora come to life before your eyes in a way that you’ve never seen.

Once the film finished and I handed the glasses back, my own world seemed a little flat and dull in comparison…

Do believe the hype, go and see it while it’s still playing on the big screens.