Er, it looks like that Girls Aloud reunion is going to have to wait then

Girls Aloud fans everywhere got pretty excited when Nicola Roberts partied with bandmates Cheryl and Kimberley Walsh at her 30th birthday bash this week.

But one person who didn’t enjoy the cute mini reunion so much was Sarah Harding, who has angrily claimed that she didn’t even get invited to the do. Erm, awkward.


Kimberley Walsh on Sarah Harding Corrie role

In fact a miffed Sarah, 33, nearly took to Twitter to voice her outrage at the snub but managed to hold back.

‘I didn’t get a f***ing invite to Nicola’s birthday!’ the singer says.

‘But you know what? I am independent so whatever. I nearly tweeted about it but I thought I better not.

‘If I had an invite I would have gone but I didn’t.’

Ouch! Sarah is really not happy about this, is she?

The blonde star has confessed that she thought all was well between her and the other girls but the incident seems to have changed her mind.

‘Relations were good between us until I didn’t get an invite,’ she tells The Sun. ‘I can’t see a Girls Aloud reunion happening any time soon, let’s put it that way.’

Blimey, that’s brutal. Despite not getting an invite, Sarah admits that she didn’t actually know it was Nicola’s big day anyway – maybe note it down for your diary, Saz. Or not.

Nicola has always been close to Cheryl, 32, and Kimberley, 33, whilst fellow Girls Alouders Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle are less chummy with the trio, so it’s perhaps no big surprise that the party didn’t involve a full group reunion.

‘Nadine lives in LA, the other three do their own thing and that’s just how it is,’ Sarah admits.

‘You have got to remember the girls and I spent so much time together when we were in the band.’

It seems that some fans still live in hope of all five ladies getting back together though.

Nicola has posted several cute snaps with Cheryl and Kimberley taken at her do on her Instagram page and several of her followers wondered where the other two members of Girls Aloud were…

‘nadine e Sarah?’ one fan queried, whilst another asked: ‘where’s sarah?’

Er, touchy subject guys…

Anna Francis