Did Simon Cowell get out of the wrong side of bed? His grumpy antics get fans talking on Twitter...

Now we know that Simon Cowell isn’t afraid to say what he thinks – he did earn the nickname Mr Nasty for all those years of putdowns, after all – but even we were a bit shocked by his outbursts on The Xtra Factor last night.

The 56-year-old judge’s appearance on the show began in a rather awkward way, with presenters Rochelle Humes and Melvin Odoom nervously approaching him as he indulged in a serious discussion with a staff member on set.


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Si didn’t seem to realise that the show was being filmed live so when Rochelle, 26, called him over she didn’t get the nicest response.

Instead Mr Cowell glanced over, raised a finger and said: ‘I haven’t finished’ And then went right back to his chat. CRINGE.

After being reminded that the show was, you know, LIVE, Simon joined Rochelle and Melvin and continued to check it was actually going out on air right now before sarcastically adding: ‘Thanks for telling me.’

Oh God, could this BE any more awkward? Well yes, actually, it can.

Simon then had to follow the presenters up a flight of stairs to get to the little interviewing area which was one of those typically awks moments (think being in a lift with strangers but with the added embarrassment of getting out of breath).

Despite having a bit of a giggle alongside fellow judges Cheryl and Nick Grimshaw, the music mogul’s grumpy mood continued during the chat.

When Rochelle revealed how excited and surprised she was about the wildcard returning, Simon Cowell tersely shot back: ‘We knew there was going to be a wildcard. Hello, have you watched the show?’

Poor Rochelle! As if that wasn’t enough, Simon then went on to SLATE last week’s X Factor live Judges’ Houses show in a typically no holds barred style.

‘I wasn’t crazy about last week’s show, to be honest with you,’ he explained.

‘It was a bit of a nightmare. The whole thing, I thought, “this is not us”. All I wanted to do was get onto the live shows.’

Awks, awks, AWKS. Oh, and snappy Si also told Rochelle off for saying that she ‘loved’ all of the contestants.

‘You can like them a lot, you don’t love them,’ he said. ‘And if you do love them, you’re nuts.’

Oh dear, did someone get out of bed on the wrong side yesterday, we wonder? Viewers were quite shocked by the Simon Cowell outbursts…

Let’s hope we see Simon Cowell in a chirpier mood when the X Factor live shows kick off tomorrow night!

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Anna Francis