Angelina Jolie shocked by son wanting to know about Brad Pitt's ex

Angelina Jolie‘s fiercely protective of her six- strong brood – even banning them from Googling themselves and their parents’ names.

So imagine her outrage when eldest son Maddox blindsided her with the ultimate awks question: ‘Who’s Jennifer Aniston?’

According to sources close to her partner Brad Pitt, Maddox, 12 – who Ange adopted three years before she met Brad – was on a friend’s phone reading an article about Jennifer Aniston when he saw references to his parents.

He went home and asked his mum: “Who’s Jen?”‘ reveals the source.

Angie was stunned and her natural reaction was to run out of the room.’

Ange, 38, and Brad, 49, then had a showdown over the best way to tell their kids about his ex, who Brad was still married to when they met in 2005.

Angie went beserk and said he was stupid not to have explained it all to the kids before they read about it.

‘In the end, Brad was forced tell Maddox
what happened,’ adds the source.

Brad‘s always said his romance with Ange didn’t begin until after he split with Jen, 44, but it caused a big showbiz scandal.

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