This is just viewing gold...poor Olly Murs!

Olly Murs just met his dream girl Jennifer Lawrence on the Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Breakfast  Show – and it led to the most AWKWARD flirting we have ever seen, with Grimmy as wingman!

Okay, so we need a bit of background here…a month ago, Grimmy asked Olly Murs – on the theme of his latest song ‘Kiss Me’ – which lady he’d most like to lock lips with, to which he said: Jennifer Lawrence. Grimmy turned all matchmaker and decided to make it happen, inviting Olly along to interview Jen with him on the show.


Fast forward four weeks and things don’t get off to a great start: Olly is sitting opposite Jen, suffering from a spell of shyness. ‘Olly is the biggest Jennifer Lawrence fan in the world,’ says Grimmy, helping things along, to which shocked Jen responds: ‘You virtually ignored me since I’ve come here!’ It doesn’t help that Jen doesn’t know who he is: ‘You’re a singer?;

The X Factor presenter warms up a bit, asking his crush: ‘What’s it like kissing someone that you’re friends with on camera?’

To which quirky Jen replied: ‘I always say I’m taking bottom lip because I like bottom lip…’ Hope you’re not picky, Olly! He also used classic chat-up lines such as: ‘How good are you at archery?’ Uh oh – looks like Olly is in need of Cupid’s bow and arrow to capture Jen’s heart!

Changing tactics, he starts to gush over the Hunger Games star: ‘You are a superb actress. You can pretty much do anything. .’

And then it got really, really awkward, when Grimmy explained the whole back story to Jen about how Olly wanted to kiss her…which Jen followed up by very consciously going in for a SUPER AWKS friendly hug with Olly, back pats and everything. Better luck next time, Olly!

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter