Steph really wasn't expecting this reunion...

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell shocked everyone when they buried the hatchet last month after months of publicly trading blows during Steph’s pregnancy.

Now the former couple are co-parenting baby son Caben together and no-one is more surprised at this than Steph herself.


Stephanie Davis tells Now: ‘My baby with Jeremy was planned’

The new mum has admitted that, given the frosty relations between her and Jez in the past, seeing her ex-boyfriend again for the first time when he flew into Liverpool to meet their little boy proved to be a difficult moment at first.

And to make matters worse, the meeting took place in hospital after Caben had to be rushed in for treatment having struggled to breathe due to a blocked nose.

‘I was all over the place,’ says Steph, 24. ‘I couldn’t sit still, I was so nervous! I had no idea what it was going to be like when we saw each other.

‘When I heard his voice coming down the corridor I started really bricking it. It was 1am so I was exhausted and my emotions were all over the place.’

Steph says that things were understandably a bit strained when she first clapped eyes on Jez, 27, but then the meeting became very emotional as the Irish model was introduced to his son.

‘I couldn’t look him in the eye,’ Steph tells OK! of her reaction to Jez. ‘It was so awkward.

‘To start with I was just filling him in on what was happening with Caben. He spent ages just looking at Caben and then he got very emotional and started welling up.’

The former lovebirds – who fell for each other on Celebrity Big Brother in January 2016 and split four months later after an on-off romance – then cleared the air and Steph says that Jez apologised for being sceptical about whether he was Caben’s dad.

She also admits he’s now ‘gutted’ that he wasn’t there for her during her pregnancy.

Since their reunion Jeremy has remained in Liverpool to be with his little family and, whilst Steph has denied that they’re an item again, it’s clear that she’s impressed with his behaviour in recent weeks.

‘If someone told me a few months ago that Jeremy and I would be on speaking terms I would have laughed in their face,’ the actress confesses.

‘I never thought that we would be able to forgive each other for what has gone on in the past, but having Caben around has changed everything.’