Be still our beating heart. Benedict Cumberbatch just got a whole lot hotter...

Just when we couldn’t love Benedict Cumberbatch any more, he goes and strips off for his Ice Bucket Challenge and then wins a big Hollywood award.

Here’s why Benedict couldn’t be more perfect…

1. The Ice Bucket Challenge
We waited in aniticpation for Benedict‘s
Ice Bucket Challenge. Would he do it? How would he do it? And most
importantly, would he do it shirtless? The answer to this, and so many
more questions, came at the weekend when he posted his on YouTube.
Bendict does the challenge.
Four times.
One of which he’s in the shower. NAKED.
Best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge EVER!

Watch it here in all its glory. You’re welcome.

2. He’s won an Emmy
We know he’s the best actor around and now those film buffs in Hollywood agree with us. Benedict won best Actor In A Miniseries Or Movie at the Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Monday for his lead role in Sherlock.

Unfortunately, Benedict, 38, wasn’t there to pick the gong up himself and give a gracious acceptance speech which would no doubt have made us swoon. Also worth mentioning, Martin Freeman won Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or Movie for Sherlock too but couldn’t be there either. Opps.

3. He likes to help other people
‘I try to be principled,’ Benedict says. ‘Of course there is a part of me [that is] a bit of a do-gooder – keeping the moral slate cleaner. But it is really enjoyable and I get a kick from it. It is not a sense of duty, it actually makes me feel good to do things for other people, where it can make a difference to talk to people who wouldn’t normally have access to you, the kind of world you live in or the work you do.’ Sigh.

4. He wants to fall in love and settle down
Benedict‘s rumoured to be dating a mystery blonde but there’s not confirmation he’s in a serious relationship.

His own sister, Tracy Peacock-Tabernacle, admitted a couple of years ago that he’s looking for Mrs Cumberbatch. ‘You have to be a pretty smart cookie to keep up with him. I think that is possibly why he has trouble with girlfriends. One of his regrets is that he hasn’t found someone to settle down with. I they think would have to be someone not in the acting profession. Someone who was happy to hold the fort while he went off and pursued his career.’

Er, we’re not in the acting profession and would be happy to wait for Benedict at home while he got his Sherlock on at work every day.

5. He’s not planning to leave us for LA
‘I’ve always wanted to be free enough to just travel to where the work is, because my base of family and friends are in London. I take the Tube, I go around on my bike, you can achieve a certain anonymity and be famous here. I mean, on the Tube, rush hour is fine, because literally you can’t even see the person next to you.’

6. He knows his flaws – and listens to his mum!
So, Benedict admits he’s not perfect – er, hello! And his mum still tells his off.
‘I get impatient when I play Sherlock as my mother constantly points out to me,’ he’s admitted.

7. He loves wine!
‘That’s something I do like to spend a bit of money on,’ Benedict says – don’t we all! ‘I do like to go a bit above the good £15 bottle in a newsagent, there’s nothing better. I don’t like more than really a glass, but if I’ve got friends over I will spend more on a bottle, like £40 or £50 for something really special.’

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