Our favourite thing about Brooklyn Beckham's Ice Bucket video? Hearing baby Harper in the background!

Everyone from Taylor Swift, Rita Ora and Lady Gaga to Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates – and not forgetting the Now team! – have been dumping freezing buckets of water over their heads as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

But by far our fave version of the charity stunt online is Brooklyn Beckham‘s where we apparently get to hear Harper Beckham‘s voice for the very first time!

(Although David Beckham‘s shirtless one comes a very, very close second, obvs).

Not only do we get to see into the Beckhams‘ amazing garden – it looks like they have a rather fetching wooden canopy from Argos – but we also hear adorable giggles from a little girl, who we’re assuming is Harper, and then her screaming her brother’s name.

Awww! If you watch ’til the end you’ll hear her scream: ‘Brooklyynnnnn’ as her bro runs out onto the lawn post challenge yelling: ‘It’s so cold’ and probably trying very hard not to swear in front of his lil sister.

Almost as good as hearing Harper is David Beckham‘s topless challenge which he posted on Twitter after being nominated by Ryan Seacrest.

We’re pretty sure that six-pack gets more and more ripped the more ice that gets poured over it… and that we can hear Victoria Beckham giggling in the background.

Becks nominates Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Leonardo DiCaprio.

And we just cannot wait to see Mrs Beckham’s challenge, promised for later today. Bet she’s overjoyed her ‘friend’ Eva Longoria nominated her!

The crazy Ice Bucket Challenge first kicked off in the US with the aim of raising money for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association – better known as Motor Neurone Disease.

Each person taking part must nominate someone else. And those who fail to complete the challenge within 24 hours have to pay $100.


Lady Gaga = Most Miserable

Miley Cyrus (rice)
= Most Ridic

Charlie Sheen = Biggest Show Off

Britney = Most

Ben Affleck = Most Hilarious

David Beckham =
Best Eye Candy

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Sofia Zagzoule