Who needs Sherlock?! We've deduced what Benedict Cumberbatch's bubba will look like

It’s only a matter of months until we hear the tiny pitter-patter of baby Benedict Cumberbatch feet.

Yup, the 38-year-old English hearth throb is expecting a bubba with his new wife, Sophie Hunter, 36.

New wife? In case you’ve been hiding in a cave, Benedict and Sophie tied the knot on Valentine’s Day in a romantic Isle Of Wight-based ceremony. Naww!

Anyhoo, back to the baby. In the Now office we are SO blimmin’ excited for the first Cumberbatch kid that we just had to predict exactly what this bundle of joy will look like.

Although Sophie and Benedict are yet to announce the sex of their baby, it’s undeniably going to be a total cutie. Will it have Benedict‘s striking blue eyes? Sophie‘s dark hair? Maybe it will be blessed with the Sherlock actor’s prominent jaw or maybe even Sophie‘s cute little nose?

Well, there’s no point playing guessing games so we took it upon ourselves to play Sherlock and merge Sophie and Benedict’s faces together….and this was the result…

Just call us DNA geniuses!

Look at those adorable eyes and that mouth. Oh, that mouth. It’s just perfectly reminiscent of Benedict‘s beautiful lips.

As for the hat? Well we assume that Sophie won’t give birth to a clothed baby but we just couldn’t help ourselves. Teehee!

Personality-wise, this kid is gonna be one talented little bunny. With a dad who has acted in top films including The Imitation Game and The Hobbit and an Oxford-graduate mum who has won awards for her amazing theatre-directing skills, baby Benedict is sure to be a star.

So what could the little one be called?

Speaking on US chat show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! Benedict spoke about potential baby names. When asked whether his newborn will be taking his last name, Benedict said: ‘Poor child! I think it will have to! That’s kinda the tradition.’

Poor child? Benedict, we’d take your last name any day!

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