Katie Piper reckons daughter Belle is her mini-me

Katie Piper has jumped onto the cute-baby-photo bandwagon and posted a seriously adorable picture of herself as a little bubba, admitting that daughter Belle looks just like she did.

Naww! Well, Katie was cute which means 11-month-old Belle must be blimmin’ gorgeous too!

On Tuesday night, 31-year-old Katie took to Instagram and uploaded the throwback photo with the caption: Belle has looked like a mini me to her Dad for so long- she finally now looks like me when I was a baby. My mum sent me this photo of me age 10months and this is basically exactly how Belle looks now, eyes, cheeks expression- everything!!!! It’s crazy to see it all again- although she has a much better tan ! #circleoflife.’

Katie,who became well-known after she was the victim of a horrific acid attack in 2008, tries to keep daughter Belle out of the spotlight.

She previously revealed: ‘After she [Belle] was born, people did Tweet me horrible things like “she is as ugly as her mum” and I don’t want her to have that when she goes to school.’

While we don’t blame TV presenter Katie for wanting to protect her child, we would love to see what Belle looks like.

Katie also uploaded another young photo of herself next to her mum with the words: ‘Throw back to me and my mum….now she’s the Grandma and I’m the mum! #MothyMoth #JuniorMoth.’

Although she has only been engaged to boyfriend James Sutton since December, Katie has already revealed that she would love Belle to play a part in their upcoming wedding.

‘We’ve been watching her trying to stand up and walk and saying it would be great if she could walk down the aisle with us,’ admitted Katie.

‘Plus I think it will be nice for Belle that we’ll all have the same surname as a family. I can’t wait for it all to be official.’

Neither can we!

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