Peter Andre and girlfriend Emily MacDonagh want to start trying for another baby as soon as they’re married

Peter Andre and his family are adorable – no questions about it – but he could be extending that cuteness even more!

The 42-year-old and his girlfriend, Emily MacDonagh already have one-year-old daughter Amelia together, but it seems like there’s no stopping the couple once they’re married.

‘We’ll definitely wait until after we’re married but then Emily and I will try for a baby as soon as we’re man and wife.’

‘After Amelia was born I was really content and didn’t think I’d want more, but now she’s grown into such a wonderful child I’m getting broody. We’d love to have another baby together.’

But it might still be a while until we see a new Andre addition to the crew, with trainee doctor Emily recently landing her first job, we won’t be hearing the sound of wedding bells until next year.

‘We’ve always planned to get married in 2016, but obviously if there’s an opportunity for it to be earlier then that would be great too,’ he said.

‘Whenever it is, I can’t wait.’

Us either! We can already imagine his daughter Princess as a little flower girl, and Junior – both who he had with ex wife Katie Price – looking dapper in a suit. And we have no doubt that Peter will shed a few tears too.

‘I’m no stranger to having a cry.’

Peter and Emily started dating back in 2012 and despite the 16 year age gap between them, it hasn’t made a difference to their relationship. Apart from their drinking habits maybe…

As Emily doesn’t drink, Peter’s has only ever seen her drunk back in her student days – tell us about it!

Talking about their age gap, Peter said in OK! magazine: ‘I know on paper the difference in age looks quite big, but it you meet us you’d never know there were so many years between us.’

‘We share the same values and goals in life and that’s what’s important!’

Hear, hear! Age is nothing but a number.

Along with girlfriend Emily and their baby Amelia, Peter also has seven -year-old Princess from his previous marriage with Katie Price. With only 10-year-old son Junior representing the boys with Peter in the family, has a house full of girls affected Peter’s dress sense?

‘She’s [Amelia] obsessed with shoes. She loves to put Emily’s on and every morning she picks me out a pair to wear. They’re not usually very suitable shoes but it’s so sweet that I can’t say no. I even ended up with heels the other day – cheers, love!’

We’re sure you pulled them off Pete!

Could we be seeing Peter on Strictly soon?!

Amy Lo