Warning, this video of actor Peter Capaldi WILL make you smile (and maybe cry)

He may have only just completed his first season on Doctor Who, but actor Peter Capaldi has already cemented his place in fans’ hearts as he takes over as the 12th Timelord.

If his performance wasn’t enough to win the shows’ cult following over, this adorable viral video herecorded for a nine-year-old fan after his father reached out to the star, certainly will.

Speaking directly to camera whilst remaining in character, the Timelord explains to little Thomas Goodall struggling to come to terms with his grandmother’s passing, how unfortunate things also happen to the Doctor too.

‘You see, when Clara and I are travelling around in time and space – sometimes bad things happen to us too. And sometimes sad things happen to us too Thomas,Peter explains to the young fan.

‘So it’s nice to know that there’s somebody like you out there who’s on our side. And you should know that we’re on your side too.’

Peter was initially contacted by the boy’s father Ross Goodall, who explained how his son ‘was beaming from ear-to-ear and couldn’t believe what he was seeing’ as he watched the video prior to his nan’s funeral.

‘Where Thomas is autistic, he doesn’t feel emotions the same way the rest of us do so this has been incredibly hard for him. This message seems to have given him the strength to keep going, with his chin up,’ Thomas’ father went on to say.

Yep, this is officially the nicest story we’ve seen in a very long time.

Why can’t more celebrities do things like this?

Ross has also explained his surprise at the video – which has now amassed over 700,000 views, going viral – as he commented he only put it online so family members could watch it after the funeral.

Watch the clip below and fall even more in love with the Timelord:


Peter, you are an inspiration.

Ross, you are an incredible father.

Thomas, we’re happy to hear you’re coming to terms with your loss.

Joshua Fox