Liam Blackwell reveals his feelings for Fearne McCann after the TOWIE pair went on the most incredible first date


It’s no secret that things have been hotting up between TOWIE’s Fearne McCann and new cast member Liam Blackwell – but the suave property developer has finally spilled the beans on his true feelings.

‘She’s my perfect woman,’ he gushed to Now, ‘Beautiful, with a really nice personality.’ He also praised Fearne for speaking her mind: ‘She wears her heart on her sleeve, which I really like,’  Just like you, Liam!

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SPOILER ALERT – Liam also revealed where he took Fearne on their first date, which features on tomorrow’s episode. ‘I picked her up in a helicopter and then took her for dinner in a manor estate.’ WOWZA.

But was it a success? ‘We had a little kiss, so a second date is definitely on the cards.’ A self-confessed romantic, Liam also told us that he has previously surprised an ex-girlfriend with a Christmas trip to Los Angeles…what a lucky lady! We’d have high hopes for date two if we were you, Fearne.

But there’s one more person that Liam’s future beaus have to impress – and that’s his mum. ‘I’m a family man, so they have to approve of anyone I’m dating. If my mum doesn’t like them, it’s “see you later!”‘ UH OH – let’s hope Liam’s mum likes lovely Fearne as much as he does!

Francesca Specter