The Robster's wife opened up about the star's heartbreaking former struggles with depression and addiction on Loose Women

Robbie Williams‘ wife Ayda Field has opened up about her famous husband’s heartbreaking battles with depression and addiction in an honest TV interview.

The mother of Robbie’s two children revealed there was a time in the Take That star’s life when he ‘thought life would end’ as she took part in Loose Women’s ‘Lighten The Load’ campaign aimed at breaking the stigma that surrounds mental health.

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Speaking about her husband Robbie’s past battles, Ayda said: ‘He’s been very honest about his addiction and depression and I was talking about it with him last night and he said ‘I’m not the same person I was. I’m happy. I’m married, I’ve got kids.’

She added: ‘You know there was a moment in his life where he thought life would end and he thought he couldn’t exist any further.’

Thankfully, Rob – who has previously been open about his battles with depression, alcoholism and substance abuse – has beaten his demons and come out the other side.

Ayda said: ‘It just goes to show you that even as dark as things can seem, there is a way out and if you can start the dialogue and if you can start to shift in your mind and you have that support system, whether it’s your friends or therapists or someone that you call at Samaritans, there is a way to muddle through it and to come out the other side.

‘It’s huge and I think it just takes a lot of strength.’

Loose Women’s two-week campaign is encouraging viewers to look after their own mental health and ‘lighten the load’ by pledging online to talk about their worries and listen to their peers or loved ones.

With the support of leading British mental health charities, Loose Women have also created two mental health first aid checklists for viewers to download from the website to check their own mental health status and also to check on the mental health of a loved one.

Loose Women’s ‘Lighten The Load’ campaign will run for two weeks from Monday 25 April, weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV