Is The Saturdays’ Frankie Bridge going to give son Parker a brother or a sister?

Pregnant Frankie Bridge has revealed the sex of her unborn baby and… it’s a BOY!

The Saturdays singer, 26, is thrilled that her one-year-old son Parker is getting a little brother, though she’s disappointed that she and hubby Wayne Bridge won’t need to buy any new items as they would have for a girl!

‘We’re both over the moon, I thought, okay, I’ve done this before we’ll be fine!’ says Frankie.

‘The only thing I was gutted about was that I don’t get to go shopping all over again!

‘I’ve been going through all Parker’s old things for the baby. We’re both pleased because Parker’s a boy’s boy, he likes rough and tumble and he will love having a little brother.’

Cute! The happy news wasn’t actually much of a surprise for Frankie as she’s always predicted that the Bridge household would be dominated by men!

‘I’ve always thought we’d end up with boys,’ the expectant star confesses. ‘I don’t know why, maybe because I’m more of a boy’s girl.

‘Loads of people thought it was a girl because my pregnancy’s been completely different – I’ve been eating different things and hormonally I feel different.’

When it comes to choosing a moniker for their new son, Frankie and Wayne are still undecided.

‘I loved the name Parker but this time I haven’t got anything like that,’ says Frankie.

‘I don’t want to like it any less than I like Parker and I don’t want it to ever be like, “I couldn’t think of something for you.”

‘I also don’t want people to think, “Oh she did well with the first one but this one…”

‘We have one that Wayne likes more than me, even though I came up with it. I’m not really stressing about it.’

Whatever the new baby is called, Frankie is determined to balance her time between him and Parker.

‘I’m worried about missing things that Parker does or him thinking I like the other baby more than him too,’ she tells OK!

‘But I’ve always joked parents love the first one more than the second and my parents have always denied it, so now I’ll find out.’

We can’t wait for the new member of the Bridge family to arrive later this year.

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