The Beckhams be warned: she's on her way

Footie hunk Davis Beckham had better watch out – Rebecca Loos is heading back to Spain.

The Real Madrid striker’s former personal assistant, who rocketed to fame three years ago with claims that she bedded the footballer, says it’s time to return to the country she loves.

‘I’ve been quiet in Spain because that’s where it all happened and David lives there,’ Rebecca, 29, tells the Daily Star. ‘But it’s been three years and I would like to work there again.’

First thing she wants to do is jump on her Harley and ride around the country for a TV documentary.

‘It frustrates me that everyone goes to the same places in Spain,’ she says. ‘There are so many beautiful places to see with different cultures and foods.’

No doubt Victoria Beckham, 32, will be keeping a close eye on her route.

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