As if girlfriend Stephanie Davis appearing to dump him on national TV wasn't bad enough, Sam Reece now appears to have been let go by his agent


They say bad luck comes in threes, so Sam Reece might want to go into hiding after apparently being dumped for a second time

The hunky model – who has effectively been ditched by girlfriend Stephanie Davis during her stint on Celebrity Big Brother – looks to have parted ways with his agent.

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Gorgeous Sam was represented by the same company as former Hollyoaks star Steph, but the firm’s details have been removed from his Twitter profile. It now directs anyone interested in booking Sam for public appearances or the like to email a Hotmail address.

But it’s not all bad news for sexy Sam, as he still appears to be getting plenty of work though his modelling agency, Nemesis.

Just last week he shared a behind-the-scenes snap from his latest shoot, posing topless with a puppy. And yes, it was every bit as hot as it sounds.

He also made a public appearance at Pure Bar in Kent on Saturday night, alongside Stephanie’s Celebrity Big Brother co-star Megan McKenna – although she didn’t appear to appreciate his presence.

The brunette star made a dig at Steph’s BF when she tweeted: ‘When you do a Pa and someone’s ‘ex’ boyfriend and there tag team thinks there A listers’


After weeks of flirting, cuddling and kissing with fellow CBB housemate Jeremy McConnell, Stephanie appeared to publicly dump Sam after having a relationship epiphany last week on the back of a conversation with special housemate Gillian McKeith.

It led her to proclaim: ‘I need to be single.’

Viewers of Saturday night’s instalment of Celebrity Big Brother then saw Stephanie fretting over how she should approach breaking up with her beau, saying; ‘I’m just thinking about how to say things to Sam. Should I text or write a letter?’

Erm, we think all those weeks of flirting, cuddling and kissing with fellow CBB housemate Jeremy McConnell might have given him a clue, Steph!

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