Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood shares a photo of him at chilling out at his son's birthday party

When we think of Paul Hollywood, we think of blue jeans, a button-ed up shirt and maybe a black ¬†blazer thrown on top to cover him from any bread flour that’s flying about in the air.

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Yep. The Great British Bake Off judge is a pretty smart fella, but be prepared to see Paul Hollywood as you’ve never seen him before (we don’t think you’re quite ready…)

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. That IS Bake Off’s one and only Paul, just chilling at a skate park, in a blue hoodie with matching trainers. You’re welcome.

Channelling his teenage self, we can’t help but feel there’s a similarity between the 49-year-old and Joey from Friends. You know, in that episode where he tries to pass for a 19-year-old?

Paul posted the photo, captioning it with: ‘Thanks @RevSkatepark I haven’t skate boarded in decades …!’ as he was at row Revolution Skatepark in Kent.

And in case you’re thinking that Paul’s got a new calling in life and is going to swap sourdough for skateboards, then we’re afraid to say that this was all for his son’s birthday party. Not just a new pastime of his.

We have our fingers crossed that there’s video evidence of this as well though, and we’d bake 100 pitta breads to see that bad boy!

Amy Lo