GBBO got VERY awkward on Tuesday...

The whole nation knows and loves The Great British Bake Off for many things – impressive showstoppers, Paul Hollywood‘s infamous handshake, the unpredictable English weather crashing down on the tent.

And of course, the VERY naughty innuendos.

But during Tuesday’s helping of the Channel 4 show, viewers were left in hysterics after one showstopper had judges Prue Leith and Paul a little lost for words.

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As the contestants attempted the notorious bread week, it was Julia Chernogorova‘s offering of a snail-shaped loaf that really got people talking

Well, the Siberian-born baker might have tried to make a snail and mushroom, but she was left with a slightly more… phallic-looking creation.

Just take a look for yourselves!

Julia’s bread ‘snail’ got everyone talking [Channel 4]

As Julia placed her creation on the table, she said: ‘That just looks inappropriate,’ as Paul replied: ‘I like the snail’.

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Host Sandi Toksvig then asked him: ‘Is there something about the shape of the snail in particular?’

Before Paul collapsed into fits of giggles and Prue added: ‘Paul, are you going to pull yourself together?’

Okay, we’re done…

Paul Hollywood couldn’t contain his laughter [Channel 4]

And it didn’t take long for cheeky viewers at home to have their say on the hilarious moment.

‘That snail on #GBBO has to be one of the best innuendos I’ve seen so far’, said one amused fan.

Another said: ‘Is this the filthiest #GBBO episode ever? We’ll never look at a snail the same way again #BreadWeek’.

While a third added: ‘When your bread snail looks like something else entirely…#GBBO. I’ve never seen a snail look like that #GBBO.’

And they weren’t the only ones…

Although it wasn’t all bad for Julia as she actually managed to grab the Star Baker award with her impressive design – clearly the judges REALLY liked that snail…

Unfortunately it was Liverpudlian grandmother Flo who became the third contestant to say goodbye to the tent after her ‘clumsy’ pirate’s chest showstopper didn’t quite hit the spot with Paul and Prue.

Poor Flo!