But Les wants to make a go of his 25-year marriage

Thousands of teenage girls longed to be kissed by Bay City Rollers star Les McKeown in the seventies, but the singer has just admitted he enjoys relationships with men.

Les, who’s had treatment for alcohol addiction, confesses that he’s had 12 gay partners in Living TV show Rehab.

‘I’ve been a bit of a George Michael, meeting people, often strangers, for sex,’ he says.

‘I’d say my name was Les but they weren’t really interested in surnames. We weren’t going on dates, we were just getting together for sex.’

The 53-year-old has been married for 25 years to Japanese wife Peko and is dad to 24-year-old son Richard.

‘I’ve apologised to Peko,’ he says. ‘We’re going to see how things go.’

Les’s first gay experience was at the age of 19 when he claims he was date-raped.

‘I actually enjoyed it at the time,’ he explains. ‘And the fact that I felt pleasure from that was the biggest shameful thing in my whole life.

‘The knock-on effect of my feeling pleasure out of that event is that I found myself attracted to men every now and again.’

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