David Beckham's keen to become an artist

If he hadn’t been blessed with his golden ball skills, David Beckham reckons he would have become an artist

The 31-year-old Real Madrid star, who’s a huge fan of modern art, says he’d love to try his hand at painting.

‘If I hadn’t been a footballer it’s possible I could have become an artist. Perhaps I still will be. I really love drawing,’ he tells a Spanish newspaper.

‘Both me and Victoria really like art. We look for original works. In our house in England we have some pieces of great value.’

But Becks’ hobbies don’t end at the drawing board. He also admits to enjoying collecting watches and cars.

‘I never allow anyone to drive me,’ he revels. ‘I never have done, unless I’m out to dinner and I’ve been drinking.

‘I love driving them, buying them, collecting them, looking at them. I love everything related to cars. I love simply sitting inside them.’