It seems Ben Cohen's mother-in-law still isn't happy about his relationship with Strictly star Kristina Rihanoff

Felicity Bassouls, mum to Ben Cohen’s wife Abbey, has struck out once again since the breakdown of her daughter’s marriage to the rugby ace.

The 36-year-old was partnered with the ‘The Siberian Siren’, Kristina Rihanoff, two years ago on the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing. 

Twelve months later he announced he had separated from his wife Abigail and mother of his twin seven-year-old daughters.

Mrs. Bassouls told The Sun: ‘I don’t know why Kristina doesn’t go back to Russia and leave us all alone. I can’t stand the sight of that woman. All this has killed a family.’

The sportsman has taken his mother-in-law to court after accussing her of harrassment.

She added: ‘I’m devastated. It has caused a lot of heartache. This has put me and my husband through hell. I always treated Ben like a son but I’ve lost all the love I’ve had for him.’

Kristina and Ben have always denied an affair.

Instead the Strictly star said the abuse she received online got so bad, that she almost quit the hit show which made her a household name, and thought about taking her own life.

She said: ‘Nothing was ever going on between me and Ben but all this blame was piled on me. It was like an assault.’

She added: ‘I’ve always been strong but the abuse destroyed me emotionally. I cried for days and days and nights on end. I felt like I was in hell.

‘Every day I had to be scraped off the floor again. I’d be in tears minutes before performing the routine every Saturday night.’

The ex-England player has always maintained that he and the blonde beauty are just friends and previously tweeted: ‘Stay strong @KRihanoff. It’s horrible being bullied each week for no reason at all. Thinking of you.

Kristina has suggested that they could get together in the future though.

She said: ‘We are both single people. We enjoy each other’s company. We work together. Who knows what the future will hold. I do not owe it to the whole country to speak about my private life because it’s just that, private.’

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