Finalist thinks the public are bored of him

Ben Mills reckons his X Factor rival Leona Lewis will win the show.

The 26-year-old – who’s been described by the show’s judges as a young Rod Stewart – reckons the public are bored of him.

He says: ‘I think people are a bit fed up of seeing me with a piano.’

Ben also reckons he lost his confidence after almost being booted out the show two weeks ago.

‘Before I almost went out, I would have said I had a good chance of winning,’ he tells The Daily Star.

‘But this contest isn’t just about singing, it’s also about how you come across. I’m not an actor, and I won’t be something I’m not.’

Ben will go head to head with rivals Ray and Leona in this year’s final on Saturday. And he reckons Leona will eventually walk away as the winner.

He insists: ‘I don’t think the show’s been fixed in favour of Leona but I think she will probably win.’

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