We're so proud of you, Benedict Cumberbatch!

Benedict Cumberbatch deserves a MASSIVE congratulations after being awarded a prestigious CBE honour by the Queen. Literally, this is SUCH a big deal for the star! What more could you want than a royal acknowledgment of your achievements?

Amazing! Talking to the BBC, Benedict said of winning the award: ‘It’s fantastic, it’s quite nerve-wracking, there is nothing really that prepares you for it. It’s a unique occasion and I feel very privileged to be here and flattered to be recognised in this way. It was wonderful, it was the first time I’ve ever met her and to meet her and be honoured by her was extraordinary.’

SO PROUD! Here are six reasons he totally deserves the honour…

Benedict Cumberbatch loves his fans

Despite Barbican producers forbidding Benedict from signing autographs for his fans, he defied them and rushed out and did it anyway, even stopping to pose for a few selfies with fans.

He gives a LOT to charity

Back in September, Benedict recorded a video from his Barbican dressing room for the Save the Children ‘Help is Coming’ music video, in aid of refugees in Syria.

He’s had us glued to our screens in Sherlock

For three seasons. And the fourth is on its way…

He’s an inspiration

Kidnapped overnight by a South African gang back in 2005, Benedict resolved to ‘live a life less ordinary’. And that’s what he’s done!

He narrowly missed out on a BAFTA

We were gutted for Benedict when he lost out on his BAFTA to Eddie Redmayne – tough battle, eh? But we’re hoping that this new honour makes up for it!

He wowed in Hamlet

What could be more of a British honour than playing the lead in a Shakespeare play? Plus, the talented actor completely SMASHED it, with rave reviews praising his starring performance in The Barbican performance.

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter