Benedict reads out lyrics from song Genius on TV

As TV’s sexiest sleuth and the man of the moment, we thought Benedict Cumberbatch could do no wrong.

But we did raise an eyebrow – Sherlock Holmes style – when he read out one of controversial rapper R Kelly‘s new sleazy songs on a US chat show.

Funny? He thought so.

But outraged fans have attacked the actor for supporting Kelly, with some even blasting Benedict ‘disgusting’.

R Kelly, 47 – who recently released sexually explicit album Black Panties – has been mired in underage sex controversies over the years.

He was charged with 21 counts of sex with a minor, later reduced to ‘soliciting a minor for child pornography’ in 2008.

He’s always denied any wrongdoing and he was later acquitted of all charges, but the scandal has plagued him ever since.

Benedict‘s stunt was made worse by the timing.

In December, US music journalist Jim DeRogatis reignited the scandal when he claimed he had more information and that one of the alleged victims called him as recently as last summer.

The claims haven’t been substantiated. But seemingly oblivious to the scandal, Benedict, 37, then appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! reading out lyrics from Kelly‘s new song Genius, including: ‘I can’t wait to turn you on/It’s how you make me feel, baby/I can feel your body flowers while I’m kissin’ on your thighs.’

The actor immediately got a backlash online, with one blogger saying: ‘Benedict celebrating R Kelly is disgusting. I will never support [Benedict] again.’

Another, Sarah, said she was: ‘incredibly disappointed’.

Someone called Rocza added: ‘Reading lyrics from the new R Kelly album is deeply not cool. Ugh!’

Benedict‘s spokesperson declined to comment.

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