Star Trek actor wants a 'Daniel Craig moment'

Benedict Cumberbatch would love to play an action hero.

The actor, who plays baddie John Harrison in sci-fi flick Star Trek Into Darkness, wants to become a buff James Bond-style hero like Daniel Craig.

‘I’d love to transform my body into some ridiculous war machine,’ says Benedict, 36.

‘I want to run around a desert shooting guns at aliens and looking as if I barely have to take a breath.

‘I would love to do all that sh*t. I definitely want my Daniel Craig moment!’

Benedict got a taste for being a muscly action star after he embarked on a punishing fitness regime for his role in Star Trek.

Star Trek is, to all intents and purposes, an action movie as much as it is a sci-fi drama, so that involved a hell of a lot of training and long hours,’ he tells TV Magazine.

‘I had to put weight on, so I’d eat 4,000 calories a day. I went up four suit sizes at one point – it was hard work but a lot of fun.’

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Anna Francis