Sherlock star got lost in Nepal for nearly two days

Benedict Cumberbatch might be a superstar these days but he hasn’t always led a glamorous life.

As a student, the actor was taking a gap year teaching English at a Tibetan monastery when he decided to go trekking in Nepal with four friends.

But the adventure turned into a nightmare when the group got lost for nearly two days.

‘We got altitude sickness and then amoebic dysentery,’ Benedict, 36, tells the Daily Mirror.

‘We were lost for a day and a half, trekking at night and squeezing moss to get water.

‘We slept in an animal hut that stank of dung and had hallucinogenic dreams because of the altitude sickness.’

It’s not the only time Benedict’s had a brush with death – he recently revealed that he thought he was going to die when he was carjacked whilst filming in South Africa.

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Anna Francis