Sherlock star is a big fan

Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted that he laughed off rumours of a ‘bromance‘ with Matt Damon.

The Sherlock star recently confessed to being an admirer of Hollywood actor Matt, 43, but says his admission has been exaggerated.

‘I have to explain this whole Matt Damon thing. I’m a big fan of his, I think he’s great,’ says Benedict, 37.

‘I mention this in a phone interview, and the woman down the other end of the line goes, “Really? Do you really like him? Really? Why?”

‘I was like, “Why? Well, um, because he’s a really talented actor, he’s done lots of great things in his life, I think he’s great. It’d be great to meet him.”

‘”You wanna meet him?” “Er, well, yeah, I mean, of course it would be great to meet him and hang out.” “Well, we could facilitate it!”

‘”Oh, OK. Great. Do pass on that I’m a huge fan. It would be great to see him.” Next day: “Benedict Cumberbatch’s Bromance With Matt Damon!”

‘You know, it’s all that sh*t.’

Most of the time Benedict doesn’t let the rumours bother him though.

‘Well, sometimes [it drives me mad]. But mostly amused, really,’ he tells The Guardian Weekend.

‘You can’t get too tied up with it.’

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