Benedict Cumberbatch appears in a passionate video message to accompany a charity song for Syrian refugees

The terrible extent of the refugee crisis was revealed when a picture of toddler Aylan Kurdi, who drowned while fleeing the conflict, circulated through the media.

Now Benedict Cumberbatch has joined the cause – he introduces a new video by Save The Children, which features interviews with refugees and the 1999 song Help Is Coming by Crowded House, which is being re-released in aid of the crisis. It’s available to download on iTunes now, and all proceeds go to Save The Children.

Watch the video below:

Before the song starts playing over images the devastated Syrian landscape and footage of refugees talking about their perilous journeys, Benedict says: ‘As people watching this tragedy unfold from the safety of our homes, with our safe children, we want to say that we see you, we hear you and help is coming.’

He recorded the message from his dressing room at the Barbican, where he’s currently appearing as Hamlet. Re-releasing the little-known song by Crowded House was actually Caitlin Moran‘s idea, and she teamed up with fellow writer Peter Paphides to make it happen.

Crowded House frontman Neil Finn has also expressed his support for the song being used to raise awareness of the refugees’ plight.

‘It was always a song about refugees, even if at the time I was thinking about the immigrants setting off on ships from Europe to America, looking for a better life,’ he said.

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