The engaged actor is overjoyed he has found love

Benedict Cumberbatch feels very fortunate to have found fiancée Sophie Hunter.

The Sherlock star announced his engagement to actress Sophie, 36, in November 2014 but actually met her back in 2009 on the set of the film Burlesque Fairytales.

Several years after they were introduced, Benedict is still stunned by it all.

‘It’s an amazing thing to find somebody you love,’ says Benedict, 38.

‘It’s amazing to find somebody you love at all, let alone somebody who loves you back in the same way and to the same degree.

‘And if that is amazing, well, considering how busy both Sophie and I are, it’s a minor miracle that we met each other at all in the way we did.’

Benedict is clearly besotted with Sophie Hunter and has already got an idea of what their nuptials will be like.

‘To have Sophie in my life is something I am incredibly grateful for and very excited about,’ he says.

‘It’s a bit of a golden moment for me right now and I am loving it. I think I’ll be having a very private wedding.’

Before he started dating Sophie in 2014, Benedict Cumberbatch was in a 12-year relationship with Olivia Poulet which ended in 2011.

But last year the actor confessed that his first crush was actually on a friend of his mum’s who was like a godmother to him.

Benedict revealed that Emma Vansittart – an actress whose original name was Emma Watson before changing it when the Harry Potter actress of the same name came along – was the object of his affections as a teenager.

‘I became a godfather to a family friend, Emma Vansittart, when I was about 14 or 15,’ said Benedict.

‘Emma in turn has been a sort of godmother figure to me. In fact, she was my first crush.’

Benedict’s role as a godfather meant spending more time with kids than with his crush, though.

‘I was always the one at parties who looked after the younger children,’ the Sherlock star previously told Event Magazine.

‘I really enjoyed it.’

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