Things seem to be on the up for Stephanie Davis!

Jephanie. Oh, Jephanie Jephanie Jephanie.

They fight. They make up. They post a couple of selfies. They break-up again. They fight. They make up. They rinse and repeat the cycle all over again for the 16th time.


So, what’s the latest in the series of Jephanie dramatic events?! Er, none!

Yep- the day has *finally* arrived and there is no Jephanie drama… Can you believe it?!

It would appear that Stephanie Davis has finally given her Twitter feed a bit of a break from all the Jeremy McConnell dramz and has instead been sharing some really lovely snaps of herself enjoying life. Thats what we like to see!

Taking to Twitter, the mum-to-be has shared a snap of herself laughing over such which she has captioned ‘laughter is good for the soul‘.

Many fans were quick to share messages of encouragement for 23-year-old Steph‘s seemingly new outlook on life, with replies reading: ‘you look beautiful, keep smiling, and be happy, everything will work out for you’, ‘ you look happy, it’s good to see’ and ‘steph you look relaxed and happy go girl’. 

Steph‘s latest Tweets follow her close pal assuring social media that the CBB-star will make a ‘great mum’.

Sharing a picture of Steph with her daughter, the ex-Hollyoaks actress’ friend shared to Twitter: ‘My princess loves [Steph] she’s going to be a great mummy #love xx’.

It’s so lovely to see a lil’ Stephanie Davis social media positivity- after she was forced to defend herself against a cruel troll whom implied she had faked her pregnancy, replying ‘Absolutely disgusting! This is why I’m not sharing any photo as there’s so many vile people!’ to the accusation.

Fellow CBB star Christopher Maloney also jumped to Steph’s defence, tweeting ‘This is disgraceful-leave her alone! These #trolls need to be stopped not big or clever targeting a pregnant women!’. 

Lets hope the good vibes stay, eh?!

Alice Perry