Beyoncé's dad may have opened his mouth too soon


If there’s one thing we know about a Beyoncé announcement, we know it’s that she can make it one to remember – who can forget the pregnancy photoshoot reveal from earlier, which is STILL the most popular picture

Therefore, when she actually gave birth to the twins, we were all expecting something pretty special…

…until her dad (and former manager) Mathew Knowles decided to confirm the news in her place, by way of a flyer posted to social media! And her fans aren’t too impressed with him revealing the big news to the world – and they’ve DEFINITELY let him know it. Awks!

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Last weekend saw US media alight with reports that the singing superstar, 35, had finally given birth to her twins with husband Jay Z. After days of rumours, and sightings of Jay, and Bey’s sister Solange at a hospital, it was only a matter of time before there was word of the babies’ arrival.

Nevertheless, plenty were still waiting on confirmation from the Hold Up star herself, complete with glamorous Insta post.

But music manager Mathew wasn’t quite too concerned about these plans – and instead took it upon himself to tell the world that he’d become a grandfather once again.

‘Happy birthday to the twins! Love, Granddad’, reads his message posted on Sunday (18th June), on a background of brightly coloured balloons. A sweet note, he then chose to maximise its reach by hashtagging #beyonce #twins #jayz and #happybirthday.

Though this was, for some, welcome acknowledgement that five-year-old Blue Ivy is now a big sister, plenty of Bey fans were disappointed that Mathew chose to uncover the news before she did.

‘Imagine being Beyoncé and having an extravagant announcement planned and then your father announces it with a Microsoft Word flyer,’ one unimpressed Twitter user mused, while another joked in response to Mathew: ‘how many times does she have to fire you?’

‘That was for Beyoncé to tell not you,’ weighs in another.

Awks! Soon after the world learned of Bey’s pregnancy in February 2017, Mathew admitted that he hadn’t been told beforehand, and learned through news reports rather than from the family themselves.

Here’s hoping that the new parents aren’t too upset with his excitement at telling the world – or he may get left out of the family gossip once more…