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Since the news of Queen B expecting two more mini-me’s had broken, we’ve found ourselves in a permanent state of twin frenzy.

Two boys? Two girls? A boy *and* a girl? We just can’t.

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And we’re certainly not the only ones who have become utterly wrapped up in all things Yoncé-twins.

In fact, there is a current conspiracy theory flying around the internet alluding to the possibility of Bey having already welcomed the twins into the world!

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Yup, bear with us on this one.

So, a couple of days ago, Bey (whose due date is believed to be this month) had taken to social media to share an adorbs snap of herself, baby bump and Blue.


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However, the snap has caused quite a fair bit of speculation amongst the Beyhive- with many claiming Beyonce’s bump to look notably less pronounced as her other most recent pics.


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Now, it wouldn’t be fair for us not to acknowledge that both snaps have been taken at slightly different angles and might have made the bump look a lil’ different.

However, many fans are claiming the snap had been taken earlier along Bey’s pregnancy- and has been posted now to distract fans from the fact Beyonce has just given birth.

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Adding further fuel to the fire, Beyonce’s mother was allegedly recently spotted at a hospital in Los Angeles- with many fans claiming this to be evidence of Beyonce welcoming her twins.

Bey’s sister Solange also recently cancelled a performance in Boston on the grounds of a ‘scheduling conflict’- which, of course, has furthered the rumour mill.

Many fans have taken to social media to share their conspiracy. One user writes: ‘Beyoncé has definitely already given birth I’m just sayin’. 

Could we be receiving the happy news of Bey’s arrival within the next few days? Watch this space, Beyhive…

Alice Perry