The presenter reveals the LOLs story behind his little girl's arrival


James Corden welcomed his third child with wife Julia last week a little earlier than expected so they weren’t exactly ready to name her.

And now James has revealed that this resulted in an awkward moment where he accidentally named her BEYONCÉ. Yep, Beyoncé Corden, everyone.


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The presenter returned to The Late Late Show two days after the little one’s arrival and explained how, following the emotions of her birth, he came out with the bizarre suggestion – and then it almost ACTUALLY became her name.

‘After the baby was born, anyone who’s been in this situation will know, we were both crying, I was crying my eyes out, my wife’s crying her eyes out, the baby’s crying,’ James, 39, told the studio audience.

‘The doctor asked about her name and I don’t know why I said it but I looked at the doctor and said, “We’re going to call her Beyoncé.” My wife did not think that was funny.

‘Then a nurse went to the other side of the room and started filling out a form with the name Beyonce! I had to go over to her and say, “Excuse me, there is only one Beyoncé.”’

LOLs. So it turns out she’s NOT going to be called Beyoncé Corden and James says that he and Julia – who are also parents to son Max and daughter Carey – still aren’t decided on her moniker but are ‘over the moon’ with their new baby girl.

The TV star also explained how the tot’s early arrival happened at what was supposed to be a routine check-up, meaning it was a ‘complete shock’ and they felt ‘unprepared’.

James was forced to call Harry Styles to replace him on that evening’s edition of The Late Late Show and then had Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston stand in during the second night.

Congrats to James and Julia on the new arrival, whatever her name may be (obvs not Beyoncé now)!