Beyoncé and Jay-Z certainly march to their own beat.

Beyoncé Jay-Z champagne golden globes

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And nothing proved that more than when they showed up to yesterday’s Golden Globes ceremony.

The King and Queen of charts attended this weekend’s Golden Globes awards in both a super understated and absolutely extra style.

With Bey nominated for a coveted award for her musical work in The Lion King remake with song spirit, the pair had reason to be excited for the evening.

However, instead of strutting down the red carpet showing off their couture outfits and posing for photographers, the musical pair showed up late to the ceremony, deciding to skip the red carpet and go through the back door.

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But their low-key arrival, which got them to the show just in time for the Ricky Gervais hosted bash, was totally overshadowed by the best baggage we think anyone has ever turned up with.

The Carters rocked up to the awards ceremony with a security in tow, who seemed to be carrying two bottles of champagne.

That’s right. Good old Moet & Chandon, which was sponsoring the event, was not good for Bey and Jay. They brought their own to the party.

And it sells for £300 a pop!

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The R’n’B couple showed up with two bottles of Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Champagne, which is the champagne company owned by Jay-Z himself.

The glitzy gold bottles were photography by an LA-based journalist, who was covering the ceremony.

Taking to her Twitter page, the LA Times writer uploaded a snap of the pair arriving with their bodyguard, who can be seen carrying the two bottles for the couple.

@Beyonce and Jay-Z just walked in,’ the writer captioned her snap. ‘They’re waiting until Kate McKinnon finishes speaking to take their seats.

‘Is their bodyguard carrying bottles of alc for them?’.

Now that is one extra way to show up to a party.