Stay calm… but the baby names for Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s newborn twins have reportedly been REVEALED.

Yup, according to MediaTakeOut.com, an insider leaked the names AND gender of Queen Bey’s babys as it was reported she and rapper, Jay-Z welcomed a boy and girl Carter into the world.

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So, five-year-old Blue Ivy has a younger brother AND sister? N’aww.


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Not only that but according to the publication, the new parents have veered away from the usual celeb names like ‘Apple’ and ‘Rocket’ and opted for something well… very normal.

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They explained: ‘The boy’s name is Shawn after his dad, and the girl’s name is Bea – after their parents.’

Little Bea and Shawn Jr Carter – how cute is that?!

But Twitter was VERY surprised by the choices, with some hoping for something a little more unique.

‘Bea and Shawn Carter?  I liked Red Velvet and Purple Rain better’, one wrote.

While another added: ‘If Beyoncé has really called her twins Shawn and Bea, I will be so disappointed’.

Obviously the loyal Beyhive were on hand to congratulate the pair, with one fan writing: ‘Shawn Jr. & Bea Carter I love it.’

And a second agreed: ‘Beyoncé really named her twins Shawn & Bea after Jay-Z and herself because she knows they’re already untouchable. Beyoncé can’t be beat.’

Well, we think they’re pretty cute!

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According to reports, Queen Bey gave birth to her twins last weekend and although the power couple haven’t yet made an official announcement, a source told People magazine: ‘Bey and Jay are thrilled and have started sharing the news with their family and closest friends.’

Beyoncé’s dad Mathew Knowles then confirmed the news in the form of a flyer posted to Twitter – which caused a bit of a stir on social media from those expecting an extravagant announcement from the star herself. Ooops.

Well, we’re still expecting big things when Beyonce FINALLY returns to social media.