With yachts and their own island, America’s power pair will become billionaires next year. Meet Brand Bey-Jay.

Beyoncé Knowles‘ nickname is Queen Bey – and you can see why.

The diva rolled into town last week and, from her stomping performance at Glastonbury through to her star-studded album launch party, there was no way you could miss her.

But while we swoon over her honed thighs (how does she do it?), Beyoncé was doing what she does best: work, work, work.

The singer and her hubby Jay-Z are officially the hardest working couple in showbiz and it’s paying off.

They are currently said to be worth a whopping £800m and will be cruising towards the one billion pound mark next year.

And Beyoncé hasn’t even turned 30! They have Andy Warhol art on their walls, drive a Bugatti sports car and even own an island.

But ex-Destiny Child star Beyoncé, 29, has worked her bootylicious butt off to get it all.

‘Everything that I’ve done I’ve worked so hard for, until my toes are bleeding,’ she explains.

‘No complaints.

‘I think the more you have to work for something, the more you cherish it.’

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