With yachts and their own island, America’s power pair will become billionaires next year. Meet Brand Bey-Jay.

Last week, Beyoncé Knowles showed what you can achieve with sheer determination – and a helicopter.

In just 48 hours, she launched her new album 4, won over the Glasto crowd, recorded an interview for CNN, performed a secret gig in London and even managed a shopping trip to Harrods before jetting off to perform on French X Factor, then back to New York.

Time for a break, you might think?

Not quite.

Beyonce, 29, has just signed on for a remake of classic movie A Star Is Born, directed by Clint Eastwood.

While she earns more than £6 million per movie, hubby Jay-Z, 41, is no slouch.

Along with his multimillion dollar music empire, he made more than £700,000 for every show of his 23-date Blueprint 3 tour and millions from his Rocawear clothing line.

Clearly neither of them have any intentions of slowing down.

Chatting with Piers Morgan last week Beyoncé revealed: ‘I did say I’d have a baby at 30.

‘I’m 29 but I also said I’d retire at 30… so I don’t know.’

A source reveals: ‘It’s not about earning money any more.

‘It’s about professional challenges and making sure they keep a strong work ethic.

‘Neither was brought up to be lazy – and they’ve never been handed anything in their lives.

‘While there are still exciting projects that keep their creative fires burning, they’ll keep on working.’

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