Beyoncé just casually dropped a new song called Formation and the world has gone into MELTDOWN!


We’ve got hot sauce in our bags and are slaying as best with can because we want to be Beyoncé!

GIF beyonce hot sauce

The Queen of, basically, the world dropped a new song called Formation before her performance at the Super Bowl, with no prior warning. And guess what? She totally frickin’ slayed it.

GIF beyonce formation

Yep, that’s Blue Ivy making an appearance too!


We didn’t film our reaction but this lot did and they are brilliant!

1. WARNING: This involves some impressive hair flicking…

2. “Beyon-SLAY, Beyon-SLAY!”

3. ‘My arms are itching!!!’ 

4. Karaoke.. 

5. ‘Do you hear this sound? It sounds of Godness!’

Twitter also reacted in a similar way…

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We’re going to watch it again for the 178279th time.