Remember the rumours that Beyonce never actually gave birth to Blue Ivy? Well, this picture puts paid to THAT


Beyonce and Jay-Z have not shied away from publicising their marriage recently – mainly to shut up all their haters once and for all.

But their latest stunt is our favourite of all.

Remember those ridiculous rumours that Beyonce never actually gave birth to Blue Ivy? Yeah, well, we wonder what they make of THIS revealing image of a naked Bey, complete with growing baby bump, being cradled by husband Jay-Z. We have to say – it’s adorbs!

The image is a clip from a video played during the final nights of their On The Run tour. It showed never-seen-before family footage, including clips from their 2008 wedding, the couple getting matching tattoos on their ring fingers, and the pair on various private holidays together.

But the part of the vid we LOOOOVE is the hospital footage of the new parents cradling Blue Ivy Carter just minutes after she was born. Oh B, you do know how to pull at a girl’s heart-strings!

The video then goes on to show some of Blue Ivy‘s most important life moments so far: crawling, her first steps and blowing out candles on her first birthday. Mum and Dad can be seen doting on the little one’s every move.


The clips were shown as Bey-Z sang some of their top hits, Young Forever and Halo. And they didn’t take their eyes off one another for the whole six minutes.

Then, to top everything off, Jay-Z touched his wife’s stomach throughout, again hinting at Baby Bey The Second. Aww!

This isn’t the first time that the superstars have used their tour to publicise their marriage. Earlier this year, fans at the Miami leg of their On The Run tour were treated to the first EVER glimpse of the much talked about Bey-Z wedding, which took place in private in 2008.

We can’t help but wonder what’s next on the agenda for the couple to reveal. Eek!

Marriage troubles? What marriage troubles??

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Kim Gregory