Beyoncé has opened up on her post-pregnancy weight loss.

beyonce pregnancy weight loss nutrition programme

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The Lemonade singer, who gave birth to twins Rumi and Sir back in 2017, took to her YouTube channel to share the secrets behind her post-pregnancy weight loss, crediting it to a nutrition programme that she followed in the run-up to her 2018 Coachella performance.

In a candid video that she posted earlier this week, the mum-of-three admitted that she followed a strict plant-based diet called 22 Days Nutrition, which was set up by her friend and personal trainer Marco Borges, to prepare for her festival appearance.

In the newly-released rare video interview, which documented the star’s fitness journey back in 2018, the singer says: ‘Good morning, it’s 5am, and this is day one of rehearsals for Coachella.’

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As she steps onto the weighing scales, the musician remarks: ‘Every woman’s nightmare – this is my weight, 175 Ibs. Long way to go.’

‘I’m back on the stage after giving birth to twins,’ continued the Partition hitmaker. ‘I was a woman that felt like my body was not mine’.

‘Me getting the weight off was so much easier than getting my body back in shape and feeling comfortable.’

The rest of the video follows Bey as she rehearses and gets ready for the headline performance, which she was originally meant to take part in in 2017 until she became pregnant with the twins.

beyonce pregnancy weight loss nutrition programme

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This isn’t the first time that the working mum has been candid about her post-pregnancy weight loss.

Her Netflix documentary Homecoming saw her speak out about her eating habits.

‘I’m limiting myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no alcohol – and I’m hungry,’ said the Lion King songstress.

Bey admitted that she had concerns about her Coachella performance, saying that she thought her body would change after carrying the twins and that it would affect her performance.

‘There were days when I thought I would never be the same.

‘I’d never be the same physically, my strength and endurance would never be the same. And you know, a lot of the choreography is about feeling so it’s not as technical, it’s your own personality that brings it to life.’

‘That’s hard when you don’t feel like yourself,’ she continued. ‘I had to rebuild my body. It took me a while to feel confident to give my own personality.’