There’s nothing like a Beyonce bikini pic to quash the rumours (that she probably started)


Oh, did you know that Beyonce and Jay Z have just been on a huge world tour? You might have heard about it among the divorce rumours, elevator fights and pregnancy speculation. That they probably started.

But now the On The Run tour is over the couple can relax. There are no more tickets to sell so they can give their fans a little break from wondering what the hell is going on in their relationship.

Last week, Jay fuelled rumours that his wife was pregnant when he changed lyrics to ‘cause she’s pregnant with another one’ during their Paris show.

Cue Beyonce then stepping out in front of throng of paps with a ‘protective’ hand over her stomach. Simple yet effective.

Yesterday, however, Bey uploaded pictures to her tumblr from her 33rd birthday which she celebrated in style on a luxury yacht and an island so fancy and sunny we’ve probably never heard of it.

In these pics she showed off her absolutely flawless bikini body. Yup, it’s the Beyonce bod we’re used to seeing, amazing curves, stunning skin – and a really, really flat stomach.

Now we’re no doctors, but experience tells us that flat stomachs are usually something pregnant women don’t have.

So, well done Beyonce, once again you’ve managed to start, fuel and then end a rumour with even saying a word. Oh you media mastermind, you.

Of course, there is always the chance that Bey is eight months pregnant and waddling around in a bikini, and tricking us all again. Apparently, she’s a fan of photoshopping her social media pics, if the comments on Twitter and Instagram are to be believed. Ahem.

Which will be the next Beyonce rumour we wonder? We reckon she should start one that the other members of Destiny’s Child are actually her children. That would be cool.

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