Coolest family ever. Its official.


When your names Queen B, literally everything you do is amazing.

Like c’mon, does Beyonce ever have a flipping day off?

And so, we’ve been waiting with baited breath for an update on life with the twins – who arrived all the way back in the summer of last year.


Beyonce had announced that she and Jay Z had welcomed her two youngest tots, Rumi and Sir Carter, into the world via a pretty iconic Instagram post – in which the babies were already a month old.

Since the duo made their debut appearance in the limelight, Bey has understandably kept her youngest under wraps from the media.

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However, in a very surprising appearance, Rumi and Sir have now appeared on the 36-year-olds personal website – and we can’t believe how much the pair have grown!

In the snap, an off-duty Beyonce cradles the pair as she chuckles for the camera.
Tbf, we’d look *this* happy if Beyonce was our mum too.

Of course, the unexpected insight into the personal life of Queen B has come as quite the shock for many – with fans taking to social media to share their thoughts on the snap.

Drawing comparisons to Rumi’s older sister Blue Ivy, one user shares: ‘Beyoncé gave birth to the same baby twice because Rumi and Blue are literally twins.’

Reposting the precious snap, another writes: ‘Ok bye Beyoncé’s twins are so freaking adorable’.

Another shares: ‘BEYONCE TWINS ARE SO CUTE’.

And, in more exciting news, fans of Beyonce are already speculating that she and Jay will be announcing another arrival soon.

In fact, amidst allegations of Beyonce being pregnant again, fans have been quick to note that Beyoncé and Jay Z have quite an affinity for the number four – and another baby would round their offspring up to the magic number.

Fans have noted that Beyonce was born on September 4 while Jay Z (real name Shawn Carter) has a birthday on December 4. The couple were married on April 4, 2008.

Could it be?! We’ll watch this space…