Vile comments to Take That star are pathetic attempts to find fame

Former Big Brother contestant Kenneth Tong has sparked outrage after sending disgusting Tweets to Gary Barlow, joking about the recent stillbirth of his daughter Poppy.

Desperate wannabe Kenneth made several sick jokes on his Twitter page about the Take That singer and wife Dawn‘s sad news.

Who wants to hear another @GBarlowOfficial, dead baby joke?Tweeted Kenneth, 26, after posting a string of vile messages.

Twitter users blasted Kenneth, who upset users last year after promoting anorexia on the site, and many called for his account to be deleted.

The troll, who appeared on Big Brother in 2009, admits he sent the Tweets simply to get attention for himself and to ask model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who later blocked him, for a date.

‘It’s quite a funny situation,’ Kenneth tells The Sun.

‘I know it’s a bit selfish but it’s about what I get out of it. This will get people’s attention. People will know my name and that’s all that matters.

‘The chances of Gary reading my responses are next to nothing, and if he does, you know what, I apologise.

‘But I just wanted to get noticed.’

The Metropolitan Police say they haven’t yet received any complaints about the messages.

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Anna Francis