Mario Mucan's friend Emma Blute reveals how he helped her leave an abusive relationship


Big Brother finalist Mario Mucan helped best mate Emma Blute escape from an unhealthy relationship.

‘Without him I wouldn’t actually be here – he saved my life,’ Emma tells Now.

‘I was with someone who was both physically and mentally abusive

‘My boyfriend was constantly telling me how ugly I was and that I was lucky to be with someone like him.

‘He’d say I was repulsive and he was just destroying my confidence.’

The one person Emma could turn to for a self-esteem boost was 28-year-old Mario.

‘There was one occasion where I had an argument with my boyfriend and he started punching me in the face,’ she tells Now.

‘He had a really bad temper on him and his moods would literally just start over nothing.’

But Emma found the courage to turn her back on the relationship after Mario pleaded with her to leave him.

Emma had lost all her friends because of her boyfriend, but Mario was the only one to stand by her.

She adds: ‘I don’t think I’d still be here if it wasn’t for Mario. I was that low I probably would’ve done anything.

‘One evening after I bumped into my ex with his new girlfriend on a night out, I just crumbled.

Mario took me for a long walk and got me to dispose of all the memories I’d had of him, like photos and CDs.

‘I posted them through my ex’s letterbox to make everything final.’

With help from her friend Mario, Emma‘s turned her life around.

She’s been happily married for just over a year and now lives in Staffordshire with husband James.

Good on ya, Mario!

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