Can love really change everything for the better?

Romance has been the name of the game in Big Brother this year with Hughie and Ryan, Charlie and Jason and even (possibly) Alex and Evelyn! But the person caught in one of the BIGGEST reality TV love dramas is Georgina Leigh Cantwell.

She fell for fellow housemate and resident hottie Jackson Blyton in this year’s show. However, the nation has been somewhat divided with their relationship.


While lots of viewers are fully invested, others have labeled her ‘controlling’. Jackson’s ex-girlfriend and mother-of-his-child Mallie claims that Georgina is playing ‘a game’ with Jackson, and her negative energy was ruining his experience.

Georgina Leigh Cantwell and Jackson Blyton in Big Brother

Saying a teary farewell! [Channel 5]

Well finally the reality star is revealing ALL about their turbulent relationship: from how she tried to catch his eye in the first place to the romantic reason why she knows she’s still on his mind.

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And now tired of being told how she was only ever horrible to Jackson, Georgina finally clears up just how the cameras misrepresented her.

Be prepared for some serious relationship feels right now.