Should Jacksina fans be worried?

Though their time on screen together was relatively short, the pairing of Big Brother stars Georgina Leigh Cantwell and Jackson Blyton was one of the most cherished of the public this summer.

However, some cryptic tweets from Georgina have sent ‘Jacksina’ fans into a tizzy – as some have even claimed that the two have split up! Yet further tweets from Georgina seem to tell the fans that not all is as it seems…

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Georgina took to Twitter on Monday (19th September) with the vague message: ‘When you realise he’s no Disney prince’.

Immediately, fans began to wonder whether this was referring to her other half, Jackson. Seeing as they’ve recently returned from a surprise, romantic trip to Disneyland Paris, and the fact that she was spotted last week wearing a diamond ring on that finger, implications of a rift between the two are very surprising indeed!

Georgina, 24, followed up the tweet with another mysterious message:

‘Can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped,’ she remarked to her 81,000 followers, many of whom chimed in with nuggets of advice. ‘Men are very hard to motivate sometimes. Don’t give up on them. [Some] don’t respond well to being told what to do either X’ reads some words imparted by one fan.

However, it seems as if the Taking New York and Big Brother star wasn’t too impressed with assumptions and ‘jumping to conclusions’ regarding her relationship, later tweeting:

When she spoke to Now in August, Georgina was eager to express how well their relationship was going, and that after moving past the ‘speedbump’ of his ex-girlfriend, they were looking towards moving to London together.

We’ve reached out to Georgina’s team for comment – but seeing as she’s telling everyone not to make any assumptions, we’ve a feeling that the public’s favourite reality star couple are doing just fine.