She sadly can't have a baby naturally...

Former Big Brother star Nikki Grahame has revealed that she wants to try and have a baby via IVF, sharing that she has visited fertility clinics in London.

Nikki Grahame

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She is unable to have a baby naturally as her battle with anorexia sadly left her infertile.


She told new! magazine: “I’ve enquired at a few clinics in London. Ideally, I’d meet the right guy and we could go through the process together.”

However, if the 37-year-old doesn’t meet the right person to go through the journey with her, she has revealed that she would like the sperm donor to be her friend Duncan James from boy band Blue.

“Could you imagine?! How good would that be? I should send him a WhatsApp,” she said.

She isn’t worried about raising a child on her own, saying: ‘I’m so independent, I think I’d be such a good mum because I know I’m capable when I put my mind to it.’

Duncan already has a daughter, and recently spoke about how he raises his daughter Tianie with his ex-girlfriend Claire Grainger.

“A lot of people can’t get their head around our situation, because 
I guess we’re unconventional, 
but this world is becoming a lot more unconventional,” he said. “I was raised by a single parent, so I’m not used to the conventional, typical way of life and upbringing.

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Cute pic alert!! 🚨 Such a beautiful person inside and out. Thankyou @rodrigolopesreis for making me smile 😊 photo cred @baozaki

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“We make it work for us and we make it work as best we can for our daughter, because she’s a special little thing and we want to make sure 
we give her the best opportunity we can in life.”

Duncan also recently went official with his new partner Rodrigo Reis, sharing an adorable picture of the pair with the caption: “Cute pic alert!! Such a beautiful person inside and out. Thankyou @rodrigolopesreis for making me smile.”