Controversy on a reality TV programme? OH, Big Brother is back

Normally we have to wait until Big Brother actually kicks off before we get some controversy but it looks like two housemates are already causing a stir: one for ‘racism’ and another for ‘internalised homophobia’. Jeez.

First up, people were NOT happy about X Factor reject Ryan Ruckledge entering the house, with many saying they’ll boycott the show because he’s on. While not being able to sing in-tune might be a cardinal sin in some people’s eyes, most are angry about the time he dressed up in blackface…

*Sighs forever*... [Twitter] Big Brother

*Sighs forever*… [Twitter]

How is this still happening?! It’s 2016 guys. He donned the black make-up to impersonate a Magaluf street vendor, not quite realising the irony that HE is the most annoying person in Magaluf/the world.


That’s not even to mention the time he dressed as a Cilla Black zombie months after the national treasure died. Maybe delete these pictures BEFORE you go on TWO national TV shows…

[Twitter] Big Brother


Meanwhile, friend of the ‘stars’ and self-proclaimed ‘best looking person’ in Blackpool Sam Griffen managed to ruffle people’s feathers in his opening VT.

Sam, who’s celebrity friends include Ex On the Beach star Charlotte Dawson (????), weren’t very happy with his cocky opening that added in just a dash of ‘internalised homophobia’.

[Vianney Le Caer/REX/Shutterstock] Big Brother

You can be the judge… [Vianney Le Caer/REX/Shutterstock]

He said: ‘People have told me I’m the best looking person they’ve ever seen. To be fair, I think I have got the best hair in my area.’

He later added: ‘Being a gay lad I don’t necessarily hang around on the gay scene only because I find the whole thing very bitchy.

‘I want to break that stereotypical boundary of people thinking that being gay you have to be this “Oh my god! Hey! I’m Sam! Blah blah blah.’

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Despite being gay himself, it looks like Sam has apparently never seen a gay person outside of a Carry On film.

Welcome back Big Brother; and welcome back you ridiculous, sometimes awful, housemates.