She’s totally skint

Big Brother finalist Carole Vincent had to sign on the dole yesterday.

The 53-year-old missed out on £3,000 in benefits during her stint on the show, and after being evicted on Friday she realised she was broke.

‘I am completely skint. I lost a lot of money going into the house and still had bills coming in,’ she explains.

‘‘There are no lucrative deals waiting for me. I know quite a few of the younger finalists like Ziggy, Chanelle and the twins are on their way to becoming millionaires, but I’m not jealous.’

Carole says if she’d won the £100,000 prize, she’d have shared it out to good causes.

‘I would only have used a bit of the money to pay bills and go on a holiday,’ she tells the Daily Star, ‘the rest I would have given to charity.’

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Suzannah Ramsdale